Latest blocks

Height Age TransactionsTxs Output Found by
364087 6 minutes 1807 24,920.53611169 BTC F2Pool (Discus Fish)
364086 26 minutes 542 7,886.94650361 BTC AntPool
364085 30 minutes 798 9,684.9893023 BTC Slush
364084 38 minutes 237 5,883.66331833 BTC Kano CKPool
364083 40 minutes 1443 17,341.69882623 BTC F2Pool (Discus Fish)
364082 53 minutes 436 4,953.27719763 BTC Unknown
364081 56 minutes 908 10,881.44601885 BTC BitFury
364080 57 minutes 321 4,079.20774639 BTC Unknown
364079 08:24:38 687 6,581.02618176 BTC AntPool
364078 08:19:50 799 11,684.90001679 BTC BitFury
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 Transactions pool

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982661cd7b8d2f1e59a7fde35a16cab077ce… a few seconds 0.042 BTC
922f3d1589f8ebbff88ca64a80c8b235929f… a few seconds 0.02303837 BTC
ac543f76b870cc1339431e750f586fb6d069… a few seconds 0.92206891 BTC
7c11691330a3a30e9d26dc88d8bdf6deed4f… a few seconds 0.10642333 BTC
0a6218685b184c457464c1a22391ed661016… a few seconds 0.01 BTC
fca77f6703ecd16961d13d2c1a4b9af1745a… a few seconds 0.82609755 BTC
65492d80f0dbfcf0b09a79ea1bc64947b358… a few seconds 10.12504731 BTC
72578b86217d76e2fb0400627b36c94b63b9… a few seconds 2.35698261 BTC
27cd7333f7c9f9ebb9f0cab2ad816584c070… a few seconds 0.21386903 BTC
20df114a264d338c38e45c0b78d36ba23448… a few seconds 0.02889927 BTC

 What is Bitcoin?

«Bitcoin is a software-based online payment system described by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and introduced as open-source software in 2009.

A peer-to-peer client records transactions in a shared, public ledger denominated in its own unit of account, which is also called bitcoin.

Because it lacks a central repository or single administrator, the US Treasury has called bitcoin a decentralized virtual currency.

Media reports often refer to bitcoin as a cryptocurrency or digital currency.»

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 Network state

Chain height 364087
Difficulty 49.4020
Bitcoins mined 14,352,175 BTC
Bitcoins to mine 6,647,825 BTC
Last block 2015-07-06 09:25:52
Hash …697f04142f1625f5
Transactions 1807
Reward 0.00000003 BTC
Relayed by F2Pool (Discus Fish)

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